Land and property availability

Property auction sales

In the current property market conditions, disposal of property by auction is a highly effective method of property disposal providing high levels of capital receipts, transparency of process and swift transactions, thereby reducing exposure to the risks associated with holding vacant property.

Auctions are particularly appropriate for difficult sites and properties. The use of auctions as a method of disposal provides a regular flow of capital receipts, which are delivered in a more predictable and timely manner.

Properties for disposal by auction

Properties and concessions for disposalDescriptionGuide priceAuction dateEnquiries / Viewings
Former EMU Building, Manor Heath Park, HalifaxVacant former coach house with full planning consent for a 4 bedroom detached house£40,000 plusSoldPughs 0844 2722 444
Auctioneer's gavel

Guide price and reserve price

All the properties to be sold have been valued by the Auctioneer and Land and Property Services, to provide a reserve price. The reserve price is the minimum price, below which, the property will not be sold. This ensures that the Council's assets are not sold below their market value. The reserve price is not published or released. In order to encourage interest in the properties the Auctioneer provides a guide price, which typically is a range of values, but at a level which should not be unrealistic or misleading.

Buying property

There is a great deal of helpful guidance available within the Auctioneer's catalogue and on their web site. It is essential that you read all the information.

Inspect the property

All viewing arrangements are made through the Auctioneer and as such you should contact them directly.

Legal information

The Auctioneer will make a legal package of information available. This will be placed on the Auctioneer's web site. A hard copy may also be made available, but this will be subject to a charge. Details of the Council's solicitors will be made available.

There will be contact details provided within the auction catalogue for any legal or planning queries.

Absentee bids

You do not need to actually attend the auction, and special arrangements can be made for you to bid by telephone or proxy (in writing); but you must first discuss this with the Auctioneer and make arrangements prior to the auction if you are unable to attend.

Further general information can be obtained from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors|External link.

Last Updated: 19/10/2016