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If you need new or improved premises to enable your business to grow, but are struggling to find the cash to get you through this challenging period of expansion, we may be able to help.

The Business and Economy team at Calderdale Council seeks to promote business activity in Calderdale, by providing help and support to existing businesses and by attracting inward investment, from both the UK and overseas. A vital part of this support is sourcing a range of financial assistance, including business rate discounts.

Calderdale Business Rate Discount Scheme

Description and Scope

Purpose of scheme:

To assist businesses within and relocating to Calderdale in bringing forward and 'unlocking' high-quality investments in sites and premises, thereby creating quality employment opportunities within the Borough.

Incentive Area:

The whole of the Borough of Calderdale is equally covered by this scheme.


Type: Rebate

Maximum amount:

The scheme will give 100% relief on new business rates for a period of 12 months from entitlement to take occupation (If eligible for any other rate discounts these must be claimed instead of this discretionary scheme). As the discount is for new business rates only it will cover the rates of new business property and the increase in rates due to refurbishing or extending an existing property.

The actual amount of the award will depend upon the amount of rates payable, whilst also being limited by European State Aid rules that say businesses cannot receive more than 200,000 Euros of aid in a three-year rolling period.

Eligible Applicants


All business types (Sole trader, Partnership, Limited Company…) occupying the property are eligible to apply, be they:

Type of business:

All business types are eligible, with the stipulation that their activity must be in the overall interest of the local community and that granting the relief would not go against the authority’s wider objectives for the local area. As it is the occupier of the business premises who will receive the discount it is expected that they will make the application, but if a property developer wishes to make a provisional application for a speculative development this will be allowable.


Basic Qualification for Consideration:

This is a discretional scheme, meaning that the Council will assess the individual merits of each application and will decide if it warrants an award or not, but there are some basic criteria that must be met for the application to qualify for assessment:

Start of discount period

The 12 month discounted period will start when the occupier named in the application (Or agreed following a speculative build application) becomes liable to pay the new business rates (Typically once an occupier can gain 'beneficial occupation' on practical completion of the works, when the contractor/developer hands possession to the occupier) and has supplied copies of the following documents:

Application procedure

Application form:

Yes, a specific application form must be completed


Prior to submitting an application you must have a meeting with a Calderdale Council Account manager.


If available, the following documents must accompany your application form:


Applications for retrospective assistance (which would be assistance for works already completed, started or committed to) will not be considered. This scheme may be withdrawn at any time without prior notification.

For further information, please contact:

Last Updated: 15/06/2016