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Yorkshire - Alive with opportunity

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Business Secretary Vince Cable have told local authorities to draw up plans for Local Enterprise Partnerships to replace the Regional Development Agencies, including Yorkshire Forward. But what does this mean for Calderdale?

Yorkshire Forward has had its critics. There was concern about the lack of accountability for its work and some questioned the investment decisions it made. Calderdale, however, did receive significant benefits. Over the past 5 years, Yorkshire Forward has invested over £12m in Calderdale. Now the question is will the new, smaller local enterprise partnerships preferred by Eric Pickles and Vince Cable provide us with an even better service?

Local Enterprise Partnerships will be created by local authorities, in consultation with local business. The government says this will provide an opportunity for local business communities to shape economic policy and programmes for local areas.

They would also be able to make decisions on planning policy and investment tailored to local conditions. The leaders of local councils around Leeds have agreed that the local enterprise partnership should be modelled on the Leeds City Region. This covers 11 local authority areas including Calderdale and reflects the close relationships existing between the economies around the city.

While Yorkshire Forward’s investment has without doubt enhanced Calderdale, it is now time to look to the future and identify what is required to boost the economy over the next decade.

More information about Leeds city region partnership|External link

Business opportunities

Are you looking for industrial or commercial premises in Calderdale?

Calderdale Council’s Economic Development Service can provide advice on finding industrial and commercial land and property.

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Workwise provides advice, guidance and support for Calderdale residents who are not working, have a disability, mental ill health or health condition. Workwise helps customers find work, learn new skills, enter training or education or sustain their employment due to becoming ill whilst working.

We provide services to meet different customer and employer needs including Specialist Employment Advisors, Health Practitioner and job coach support. Work choice offers additional support to people with disabilities and health issues as well as supporting the employer.

For more information about Workwise please contact:

Economic development

The Business and Economy Team within the Economy and Environment Directorate supports the Council’s corporate priority of promoting sustainable economic growth and regeneration and supporting vulnerable people and tackling disadvantage.

Townscape Heritage Initiative Grants (Heritage Lottery Fund)

Townscape Heritage Initiative Grants are available to assist the improvement of derelict, run-down, empty or partially vacant premises within the town centre of Halifax, particularly around the Piece Hall.

Buildings of high townscape value have been given priority for assistance with grants up to 75% for external repairs and architectural reinstatement. Some grants were available for conversion of vacant and run-down space to create new uses. Most of the funds have been allocated but applications will be accepted from reserve schemes.

Employment in Calderdale

Just under one fifth of those working in the district are employed in manufacturing, down from one third 15 years ago. The growth areas have been banking, finance and insurance, and other service industries. The percentage working in the public sector has remained constant.

Sectors of employment 2008

SectorCalderdaleYorkshire and the Humber
Great Britain
Agriculture and fishingn.a. n.a.  0.8  1.0
Energy and watern.a. n.a.  0.5  0.6
Construction  3,800  4.7  5.2  4.8
Distribution, hotels and restaurants17,90021.823.523.4
Transport and communications  3,300  4.1  5.5  5.8
Banking, finance and insurance20,70025.218.422.0
Public administration, education & health17,60021.528.627.0
Other services  3,100  3.8  4.4  5.3
Total82,100  -  -   -

Source: Office for National Statistics, Annual Business Inquiry 2008. Data rounded to nearest 100; n.a. : not available due to confidentiality restrictions

Major private employers 2009

CompanyNumber of employees
Lloyds Banking group6,000
Marshalls plc1,100
Royal Sun Alliance   870
Nestle UK   580
Crosslee plc   500
First West Yorkshire   483
ASDA Stores   450
Provident Insurance plc   430
Weir Minerals   360
Gower Furniture   356
McVitie's Cake Co.   350

Source: Major Employer database

Public sector employers 2010

OrganisationNumber of employees
Calderdale Council  9,900
NHS Trust  2,500 
Primary Care Trust     800
Job Centre Plus     650
Further Education     650
West Yorkshire Police     500
Pennine Housing     390
Royal Mail     310
Fire Service     160

Source: Personnel sections in organisation

Commuting patterns

Numbers travelling to and from work in Calderdale have increased steadily since the 1980s. From 1991 to 2001 the numbers increased by a fifth – 25,000 people travelled out in 2001, while 20,000 jobs here are filled by people from other areas. Trends show people are travelling further to work, and increasingly using cars rather than public transport.

An Employment and Commuting in Calderdale report is available online, see Employment and commuting.

For additional information about Calderdale, see Statistics and information.

Last Updated: 04/01/2016