Discretionary rate relief

The Discretionary Rate Relief scheme supports voluntary and community groups in Calderdale by paying part or all of their non-domestic rates bill. It is open to all voluntary and community groups who pay non-domestic rates on property in Calderdale, and is in addition to the mandatory rate relief awarded to registered charities.

The rate relief is paid directly to the Business Rates section, so groups receiving rate relief just receive a reduced bill. It is awarded for two years at a time.


The aims of the discretionary rate relief scheme are:

The way in which the scheme does this is by awarding grant aid towards the Council non-domestic rates payable by voluntary and community organisations. This means that those organisations can use their resources towards achieving the aims of the scheme, rather than for paying rates.

Rate relief is awarded as a percentage of the total rates payable per year, rather than as an amount. This means that if your organisation's rates are increased, then your rate relief is increased too.

The Council currently supports over 300 organisations in this way.


Voluntary and community organisations currently paying rates should complete an application form, and return it with:

  1. a signed copy of their constitution, or similar document (such as club rules, memorandum, articles and so on)
  2. a signed copy of the most recent accounts

You can read the application criteria and download the application pack, or you can contact Community Grants to request a paper copy.

You will need to have a rates reference number to apply, so if your organisation has just moved premises, and has not yet received a rates bill, make sure you get a rates reference number before you apply. To find out your reference, or for any queries about the rates themselves, you need to contact Finance Services on 01422 393699 . You should also contact Finance Services if you have any queries about the level of rates payable, or about methods of payment. The Community Services Grants section only deals with Discretionary Rate Relief, not with the rates themselves.

Last Updated: 20/07/2016