Doing business with the Council

Corporate Asset and Facilities Management

The Corporate Asset and Facilities Management (CAFM) Service is responsible for the ensuring Council’s land and property assets are fit for purpose, deliver value for money, and support and enhance service delivery. Below is information for new and existing suppliers and service providers.

Contracts and Suppliers

Current Contracts

The CAFM Current Contracts are available within the Corporate Procurement page - Doing business with the Council

Forthcoming Activity

The final CAFM reactive contracts will be awarded in and mobilised December 2014. Legionella contracts will also be mobilised in December 2014. This will conclude the initial Phase of CAFM procurement.

The CAFM team are working on the next phase of procurement categories and bundles. Please ensure you register interest on the YORtender|External link website in order to receive updates on this.

Council Bidders Day

We recently held an event for those interested in providing works and services for the Council's Corporate Assets and Facilities Management (CAFM) Team.

Questions and Answers from Conferences

Presentations on recent changes, opportunities, next steps and requirements for suppliers:



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Last Updated: 19/02/2016