Building regulations

Party walls

The Party Wall etc Act provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes about party walls, floors between flats, boundary walls and fences or the digging of excavations near neighbouring buildings. The legislation has been in place throughout England and Wales since 1 July 1997.

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 applies to:

If you are planning to carry out work that falls within the scope of the Act, you must serve the statutory notice on all adjoining owners.

Party walls

Before working on an existing party wall or structure, the owner must give all adjoining owners at least 2 months notice.

New building on the boundary

Before building a new wall on the boundary, the owner must give all adjoining owners at least 1 months notice.


Before excavating near neighbouring buildings, the owner must give all adjoining owners at least 1 months notice

Where can I find out more information?

For further information and guidance on the Act, an explanatory booklet can be downloaded from the Government’s Department for Communities and Local Government website at The Party Wall etc Act 1996|External link.

Please note: This statue is private law and of no direct concern of the local authority. However works that are carried out may require statutory consent such as Planning Permission or the Passing of Building Regulations.


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Last Updated: 31/05/2016