Building regulations

Two surveyors examine plans on site

Building Regulations are legal requirements aimed at achieving adequate standards of construction when dwellings, public, commercial or industrial buildings are built, extended, adapted or maintained.

Using our knowledge of the Calderdale area we can offer expert and impartial advice: contact Building Control.

Key elements of building regulations are:

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Does my project need building regulation application or planning application?

Building Regulation consent is separate from Planning Permission despite being about the same project and using similar drawings.

If you want to carry out construction work or change the way a building is used, you may require Planning Permission or Building Regulation consent, or both. If you get one you are not guaranteed the other, and you may need to apply for both separately.

To check access the Government's Planning Portal|External link.

For more information or advice regarding Planning permission, see Planning.

Last Updated: 31/05/2016