Building regulations

Summary of the 'approved documents'

Building Regulations 2010

From  1st October 2010, a new consolidated edition of the Building Regulations will be in operation. This document contains new information to illustrate which building work or construction activity must comply with the Building Regulations and also what work falls out side the scope of the Regulations: Building Regulations 2010|External link.

Schedule One of the Building Regulations contains the subject areas (or Parts) that need to be considered when making a Building Regulation application.

Each subject area (or part) has a book that provides supporting information or guidance called an Approved Document. Below you will find a list of the current Approved Documents:

Copies of the Approved Documents can be downloaded free from Approved Documents|External link.

Approved Documents

The Approved Documents provide advice and guidance on the standards and outcomes required in buildings and premises, so that:

Part A: Structural safety

Part B: Fire safety

Part C: Site preparation and damp proofing

Part D: Toxic substances

Part E: Soundproofing

Part F: Ventilation

Part G: Hygiene

Part H: Drainage and waste disposal

Part J: Heating appliances

Part K: Stairs, ramps and guards

Part L: Conservation of fuel and power

Part M: Access and facilities for people with disabilities

In Part M, 'people with disabilities' means people who have an impairment which limits their ability to walk or which requires them to use a wheelchair for mobility or have impaired hearing or sight.

An existing building should have reasonable provision:

Part N: Glazing materials and protection

Part P: Electrical safety

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Last Updated: 03/05/2016