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If you have ever wondered about the city of Aachen in Germany, here are a few details.

Besides being twinned with Halifax, Aachen is also twinned with:

In 1978 Aachen Cathedral|External link became the first German building to be put on the UNESCO list of the World's Cultural Heritage. The central feature of the cathedral is the eight-cornered dome, the Octagon, built by Charlemagne to house valuable relics sent from Constantinople and Jerusalem.

A walk round Aachen is a journey through different centuries - medieval fortifications, Gothic Churches, Baroque town houses and delightful fountains.

Aachen is famous for Aachener Printen which is a kind of gingerbread as well as for needle making, the annual International Horse Show and the Charlemagne Peace Prize.

Web sites

Willkommen in Aachen|External link
German language site containing information about the city of Aachen, including the city centre, buildings and technology.

Aachen: Touristisches Portal der Stadt|External link
German language site containing tourist information about Aachen.

Aachen: City Information|External link
English language site containing current tourist information about Aachen. The site also contains numerous links to hotels, guided tours, museums and dining information

How to get to Aachen|External link
English language site detailing transport links to Aachen via the following methods: car; train; coach; plane; public transport; Euregio train and car sharing.

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