Information about children's health, drug and alcohol abuse, going into hospital, HIV and AIDS, giving up smoking, Hospice care and recovering from illness.


Advice and support for alcohol abuse and addiction, including details of treatment services and support groups in Calderdale.

Children's health

If your child is pre-school age health advice is available from the Health Visitor. Once at school the School Nurse is available to give support and advice.


Available support and advice on drug and substance abuse and addiction within Calderdale.

Faulty medical equipment

Information and advice about the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the need to report faulty equipment.


Guidance on what to do if you have flu and on receiving flu vaccines.

Going into hospital

If you are in receipt of benefits it is important to notify the Council that you are going into hospital.


HIV is a virus which weakens the body's ability to fight illnesses. Treatments are available to help people to live a long and healthy life.

Hospice care

Hospices provide care specifically for terminally ill people and are able to give support to their carers both in the hospice and at home.

Local Healthwatch

Calderdale Local Healthwatch is a new organisation for patients and users of health and social care services. It will represent the community and be able to influence the decisions made about local services.

Recovering from illness

There are support services available to help you regain your confidence and fitness after being ill.

Sexually transmitted infections

Information on sexually transmitted infections and diseases and how to avoid them.


What effect smoking can have on your health, and advice on how to stop smoking.

Social care and wellbeing hub

A directory of services and support for adults in Calderdale.

Weight loss

Advice and guidance on how to lose weight healthily.

Last Updated: 02/04/2014