We are holding an Adoption information event on Tuesday 31 May 2016 see you there?

Adoption is a way for children who are unable to live with their birth parents or other members of their extended family, to become part of another family. It is a legal process and a lifelong commitment for the child’s adoptive parents.

Adoption is a legal process by which the rights and responsibilities of a child’s natural parents are transferred to the adoptive parents by a Court.


Adoption: express an interest

Are you interested in adopting a child? We have regular open evenings for people interested in adopting.

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Councils and adoption providers across Yorkshire and Humber are working together to raise awareness of adoption to increase the number of adoptive families. Calderdale Council is a proud member of ‘Being Family’. Visit their website at: Being Family|External link

This isn’t an adoption agency, it’s a collection of organisations working together to make sure we can successfully recruit enough adoptive parents.

Please see the customer care standards that we adhere to, produced by First4Adoption: First4adoption Customer Care Standards|External link


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Last Updated: 23/05/2016